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User Experience

An application is no good if you can’t use it.

Design is one thing – everyone wants their application to be aesthetically pleasing.  But the critical problem is usability: an application that doesn’t meet its users’ needs costs time, money, and potential.  Our UX process involves interviews with stakeholders all the way up and down organizational charts to ensure not only that all use cases are covered, but that the design is directed at improving efficiency.

Application Integration

Efficiency comes from automation; integrating applications automates your data.

We don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel unless you’re building a better wheel; our goal is to build the best comprehensive solution.  When there’s an opportunity to tie-in to existing applications that do things well, we leverage their expertise to provide the best all-around solution to a business use case.  So, we make it easy to marry our products to new systems so we can always meet the challenges a new customer brings.


No quality builder has just one tool in their toolbox.

We have a huge number of tools to get the job done right.  Whether your organization most needs a Windows-based enterprise application or a web-based cloud-hosted application depends upon your needs, we tailor our solutions to your needs, so our knowledge base is very diverse.