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Business-Driven, Cloud-Ready Development

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Architect Your User Experience

We mix top-down and bottom-up design to match your users' experience with the business's needs.

Cloud Ready

scalable from day 1

Business Intelligence

streamline your business

Holistic Design

planning for the next project

Multiple Platforms

desktop, web, and mobile

About Us

Tin Carousel is a Philadelphia-based software and consultant group. Our principals have designed, developed, and maintained applications for everything from hobbyist sole proprietorships to Fortune 500 companies. No business is immune to the need to innovate and streamline, and our design and development methodology is meant to connect users and technology irrespective of size. We don't just look to bill work, we look to build products that last as a foundation for business automation. We start by modeling your business and your data truthfully, without taking shortcuts, and building usable applications from there. Efficiency and savings don't come from speedily cutting corners – they come from well-designed and planned-out long-term investments, and that mentality is what drives our success.

Our Services

From fixed-price design work to hourly contracting rates to full-fledged cloud-deployed enterprise asset management systems, we do it all – we know every step of the process, and how to turn ideas into action. Here's some ways we work to build the best product for our customers.

Business Analytics

System Design

Modular Development

Cloud Deployment

Performance Tuning

On-Demand Support